About us

Humaniforest aims at enhancing socio-economic development in balance with natural environments. We implement bottom up conservation of rain forests and other vulnerable ecosystems, while offering rural communities opportunities to develop their community, business and farm.


A rich and diverse natural environment and wildlife with strong communities that live in balance with their vulnerable ecosystems.


Decreasing our impact on environment and wildlife significantly while enabling rural communities to advance in business, income generation and health.


Local initiators communities are powerful and each of them can make a difference. We work side by side with them, and connect their interest to a collective interest.

In pursuing our vision and mission, we aim to scale-up our work in Cameroon and Africa, empowering more communities to develop in balance with their natural environment. Join us!

Read more specifics about our strategy in our policy plan and visit our blog posts for more in depth information about our approach, projects and experiences.


Eyole Lambe 

Eyole Lambe has lived and worked in the USA and Cameroon. Eyole has widespread experience in community strategies, governance and management. Eyole is an expert on organizing and capacity building of communities and project management.

Jaba Wose 

Jaba Wose from Cameroon knows how to work with communities and talks their language. He is an expert on sustainable agriculture, land and water management and community mobilization.

Koen van Bremen 

Koen van Bremen lived and worked in Papua New Guinea, Netherlands and Cameroon. Koen is an expert on social business development, public services innovation and participatory approaches.

Tim van Groenewoud

Tim van Groenewoud lived and worked in Uganda, Malawi and the Netherlands. Tim is an expert on organisational and financial development, direct trade and customer relations.