We work with communities located in vulnerable natural surroundings. Most of their members depend on natural resources for their food, water and income. Many of them have found ways to generate more income while protecting their resources.

This is a selection of interesting cases:

Manganjo: tree nurseries, organic farming and reforestation

Three communities in Cameroon with close to 20,000 people address reforestation, tree nurseries, organic farming and water development. To sustain future water sources and biodiversity the community demarcated a protection area. Thousands of indigenous trees will be planted in the protected area. You can find more information in this project overview.

Kumbo: organic pig farm with indigenous tree planting


Maumu: organic integrated fish ponds with indigenous tree nursery


Lobange: water development with sustainable farming and market access

In Lobange, around the future water source in a wonderful natural setting, strict conservation measures are put in place. The community is trained in sustainable management of resources and alternative income generation, like collecting nuts and seeds, honey making and snail farming. The project overview provides more insights.

Kasema: social business case with drinking water

To improve upon health conditions dramatically we support four communities with over 20,000 inhabitants to develop their water system and to set up a local water office that generates sufficient income to manage the water system well. For more information please read this project overview.