Our methodology explained

Based on decades of field experience in Cameroon and throughout Africa the Humaniforest methodology empowers communities and their members to protect or restore their natural environment while advancing their community, business or farm.

Though each community and region requires a specific approach, all members of our our alliance share some basics that are summarised in these three cornerstones:

Guiding principles

Humaniforest methodology is based upon important principles:

  • We believe that knowledge is widely available in our society. This means local stakeholders know best what is needed in their communities and how to get there. Therefore we work bottom-up within communities.
  • We believe that positive change requires trust and takes time: so project implementation, financing and organizing should take the time needed to realize that change.
  • We believe governance is key to a sustainable impact of our work: technology can be brought in but governance needs to be embedded locally.
  • We believe trust comes with close interaction. We visit and stay with our communities for a reasonable time, as we need to know and understand the community before project starts and continue to keep in touch after projects are done. Whether or not we run other projects, we are still there.
  • We believe in collaboration as partners bring other competencies and perspective to the table.
  • We believe in decision making based on extensive deliberation, exchange of views and mutual agreement.
  • We believe in both common sense and pragmatism with an experienced and dedicated team. Community development projects tend to follow their own path with many unforeseen circumstances that require adequate and timely interventions.