Our method explained

Based on decades of field experience the Humaniforest method empowers communities and their members to conserve and restore their natural environment.

Our method consists of three cornerstones:

Supportive: peer-to-peer learning and evaluation

Our method and cases are constantly reviewed within our network of communities and implementing partners.

  • community/region assessment, partner selection and local network building (the network of the partners)
  • training and knowledge exchange (our method, road map, local context, etc. ) and coaching on the job (to our partners while implementing the method in local projects and adjusting formats, training programs, etc. to local circumstances, etc.)
  • peer-to-peer learning groups (e.g. of partners in several countries that implement our model, we bring them together once a year, news letters with information about other projects, etc.)
  • monitoring (of the projects, thereby supporting our local partners and using monitoring information to adjust the model if necessary.