Unique Tiko Health Program launched

Buea, 16th of February 2023 – In the Tiko Health Program (THP) we focus on a structural improvement of health by reducing malaria incidence and water related diseases (like cholera and dysentery). Our approach is community based, while establishing a social enterprise enabling the communities to manage their public services in the long run. Tiko: a bustling town in a wet mangrove landscape

Tiko is located between the large port city of Douala and the former capital of Cameroon Buea. Tiko is a bustling town with several cores. The town is located in a wet environment, a mangrove landscape. Most of Tiko does not have clean drinking water which results in a lot of unnecessary illness. Also, malaria, the leading cause of death in Africa, especially among young children, is also rampant in the tropical climate.

EaveTubes: an unique innovation in the battle against malaria
Our partner In2Care developed a wonderful new method to prevent malaria on a community scale: EaveTubes (Eave Tubes – In2Care). This innovation was designed to passively funnel human-scented air to lure anophelines. The product uses In2Care’s patented static netting inserts that break mosquito resistance by transferring lethal doses of public health insecticides. This new “Lethal House Lure” product has been validated in three African countries and is under evaluation by WHO. In the THP we want to test the EaveTubes in Cameroon and build a sound social business case.

Registration of EaveTubes at Ministry of Public Health
A first important step in our program is the national registration at the Ministry of Health of the new product ‘EaveTubes’. Both the Ministery as the Regional delegates of Public Health are very enthusiastic about ‘EaveTubes’ in the battle against high malaria incidences and huge medical expenses currently dealt with.

A feasibility study of a drinking water system
To enable a gravitational water system to run sustainably, our team of technical experts are conducting extensive field studies of available water sources, altitudes of the environment, best position of pipelines, the pipeline network and stand taps. These studies will result in a design for the drinking water system; a guideline for later construction and development.

Community involvement from day one
In our approach we work closely together with the communities, following a diversity of strategies. They are of course the beneficiaries of the THP, but are also key in bottom up acceptance of both EaveTubes and the Water project. Moreover, the communities are in the lead to sustain in the long run the Water and EaveTubes infrastructure. We strongly believe ownership cannot be created with the mouth and sensitization only. We support the communities in developing a governing infrastructure, including a service office, to manage both the water system and the EaveTubes program.

We are grateful to Achmea Foundation for their financial contribution that enables the Tiko Health Program.