Balance in needs and nature

Challenges communities face

Rural communities own and use much of the land that surrounds them and are therefore key to preserve and regenerate natural resources in their vicinities. Their members are hugely dependent on the resources provided by land and water. They feel the urge to sustain these resources, also for future generations. However communities tend to do the opposite: opportunities offered most often lead to degradation of their environment. Which leads to problems with water provision, farming and biodiversity.

Needs and opportunities

Many communities are ambitious to change their living conditions (income position, health conditions). Opportunities to do so are scarce.

  • Sustainable agriculture with improved market access
  • Alternative income generation that depends on sustenance of natural resources
  • Access to health care and clean drinking water

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Social enterprise models

Rural communities tend to face one huge challenge: lack of market potential or access for any other businesses then cash crops. One huge challenge therefore is to generate sufficient revenues for activities in order to sustain.

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