Solar powered bore hole for drinking water in Debundscha

A narrative of the water project in Debundcha – approx 3000 inhabitants
Sponsored by Hendrik van Dijk Foundation

Eyole Lamba and Jaba Wose, project managers, explain to us the process thus far:
“The beginning of the project saw multiple consultative meetings being held with some designated members chosen for the setting up of the management team for the water project. This meeting was held to know how the project will be run as well as what the management of the project will look like. This stage is very crucial as it outlines the crocks and crannies of the whole project to give a consensus on how things are going to play out without any hitches.”

“Then equipment/materials was chosen and certified by experts who gave approvals on them to be used. The drilling process was tedious due to the underlying rocks as the test report shows. The time duration was close to two weeks due to natural occurrences as per the drilling. The experts with the project managers worked tirelessly to ensure that the drilling process and it took a total of eleven days for us to get clean drinkable water.”

At this stage, the next operations will be the building of infrastructures:
– Water storage tower in two decking’s
– Stand taps
– Borehole outlet chambers
– Pipeline network and ensuring the pumping system is in order
– Training of management committee on water, sanitation and hygiene
– Official handing over to school authorities
– Final report

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